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Kaleh Pacheh کله پاچه

Slow cooked for 8 hours deboned and clean serve with broth.

Kashk e Bademjon کشک بادمجان

Roasted eggplant, caramelized onion, garlic aged strained yogurt topped with fried mint and garlic.

Mirza Ghasemi میرزا قاسمی

Roasted eggplant,tomatoes, caramelized onion, garlic and eggs.

KuKu کو کو سبزی

Mixture of herbs, eggs, barberries Panko crumbs walnuts baked with olive oil.

Oliviyeh Salad سالاد اولویه

Shredded chicken, potatoes, green peas, chopped pickles mustard and mayonnaise

Shamee شامی

Mixture of herbs, eggs, Beef, split peas, garbanzo beans.


Morgh e Torsh اردک مرغ ترش

Slow roasted duck simmered in herbs with walnuts and pomegranate sauce

Ducks اردک شکم پر

2- Roasted stuffed ducks with barberries, dries plum, walnuts and herbs. “سبک مازندرانی”

Ghormeh Sabzi قورمه سبزی

Slow cooked herbs simmer with beef chunk, Black Eyed peas or Red kidney beans

Cornish Hen بادمجان پهلو با غوره

Cornish hen simmered in tomato and sour grape sauce served with eggplant.

Tus Kabob تاس کباب

إLayerd beef chunks, onion, potato, tomato slow cooked

Khoresht e Aloo خورشت آلو

Roasted young chicken simmered with dried pum, barberrises and caramelized onions ”

Quail Spinach Lemon بلدرچین

Quail served with spinach lemon butter sauce served with mashed potatoes

Ghaymeh قیمه

Beef chunks simmered in tomato and split peas served with eggplant.